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Ian's Kitchen & Yellow Pickle


Ian's Kitchen

Selected successes that come from my extremely eclectic kitchen, usually focused on game I have taken be it Salumi or a simply grilled creations

Yellow Pickle

Growing up my one Grandma was a spectacular cook from wedding cakes to canning she was of the country.  My fathers favourite item of hers was called yellow pickle, a mustard relish studded with pieces of cauliflower and silver skin onions.  There was always plenty in her ample cold cellar.  Over a nine year period Alzheimer's took her from us, leaving us the remains of that pantry, however no one could find the recipe to her most common and favourite creation, it went to the grave with her.  My sister set about on a multi-year quest to find/build the recipe and eventually succeeded to my fathers delight.

Yellow Pickle is for my daughter, is a place to record my recipes so that they can be shared, as that is what food can do and with it build community.