Partridge Creek

Close to 500 decoys have left my shop in the last decade & a half all focused on being used whether their service is on the waves or the shelf.  Every deke starts with a block of wood and a vision and ends up hopefully as a functional representation of the species ready for duty service.  I burned out somewhat on decoys and produce very few per year now, if you you'd like to be added to the client list send me a note.

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Chin scratcher


Hollow cedar & Oils Red-breasted Merganser with hogs hair crest

Proud Spec'


Hollow cedar & oils gunning spectacled goose

Honker Rig


Hollow cedar & Oils Canada goose gunning rig. 

Mr Bill


Hollow cedar & Oils gunning brant

Clammin' Eider


Hollow cedar & Oils gunning Eider with clam

Como Lake Drake


Hollow cedar & Oils gunning mallard.